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  • Recycled Polyester

    Polyester is made from plastic, a traditionally unsustainable material. At Ace, we’re striving to reduce our environmental impact, so we use recycled polyester (rPET) instead! Made from recycled plastic bottles and containers, rPET uses 33-53% less energy than regular polyester, and can be re-recycled afterward. With the same look and feel as regular polyester, rPET offers you something money can’t buy: the comfort of knowing you’re doing your part too.

  • Body Care® Fabrics

    Quick Dry: Absorbs moisture directly into the fabric, keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable.
    Anti-Bacterial: Using a natural antibacterial agent, this fabric is also environmentally friendly.
    UV-Cut: Protects your skin by blocking and absorbing 99.9% of UV rays (equivalent to SPF 50).
    Multi-functional: All the advantages of the Quick Dry, Anti-Bacterial and UV-Cut fabrics rolled into one.

  • Organic cotton

    Did you know that it takes approximately 2,700 liters of water to produce 1 cotton t-shirt? Organic cotton is 80% rain-fed vs. traditional cotton that is typically grown using irrigation. This is just one of the many reasons we use only organic, responsibly-sourced cotton. Reducing our environmental footprint, and using our purchasing power to build a better future—from farm to fashion—is important to us. At Ace, we believe every choice can make a difference.

  • Eco-friendly prints

    Traditional screen printing is chemical-laden and harmful to the planet. New, eco-friendly methods of screen printing involve using water-soluble inks that are better for the environment and reduce electricity used in processing. We use printing methods that support our ecosystem because we truly care, just one more reason to feel good in Ace Athletics Wear.